Saturday, July 22, 2006

How to get there

When you can see any element of this view, you are almost there. It shows the taxi rank outside the Supersol supermarket, with the railway station behind you. The obelisk marks one end of the Paseo Jesus Santos Rein, and two hundred yards walking straight ahead will bring you to the front gates of Puebla Lucia.

Arriving at Malaga airport, you have two choices - a taxi ride or the local train. The first is fast, expensive, and scary; the second is cheap, slow, and safe.

The Taxi option

Taxis are located immediately outside the arrival lounge, and the journey should last about twenty minutes and cost 45 Euros. Ask for Puebla Lucia in Fuengirola. If the driver doesn't know where this is, tell him it's near the railway station: "Cerca la estacion de tren".

The driver will probably drop you at the taxi rank outside the railway station in Fuengirola (as in the picture above) which is also outside Supersol, one of the main supermarkets. You have in front of you a large fountain with an obelisk. Cross the road to the Mercacentro (covered market) and continue eastwards along the main avenue. Puebla Lucia main entrance is is 200 yards on your left, just before another roundabout/fountain with horses.

Most taxi drivers drive at death-defying speeds along the motorway - so much so that we have stopped using this option on health and safety grounds. It's only for emergencies or late night flight arrivals.

The Train option

After collecting you bags at the carousel, follow the exit signs. At the end of the airport arrival lounge, go outside, turn slightly left, and cross the roadway. The railway station is immediately opposite, where the local train takes you directly into Fuengirola. Buy a ticket at the machine for 2.70 Euros. The machine takes coins, notes, and credit cards. Keep your ticket in a safe place: you need it to get out at the other end. Trains run every twenty minutes.

You can't miss your stop because Fuengirola is at the end of the line. On emerging from the railway station, take the same directions as above, starting from Supersol.

Once you get to the railway station and Supersol, you are only five minutes away from Puebla Lucia.

Trains run every twenty minutes, and the last train out of Malaga is at 10.30 pm.

If you arrive in Malaga by train, the high speed Spanish equivalent of the French TGV docks in the main railway station, Maria Zambrano. Exit onto the station concourse, and the local Malaga-Fuengirola train is downstairs.


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