Saturday, April 14, 2007

Easter 2007

We arrived on Easter Monday to find Malaga Airport partly under water. The rains had been torrential and persistent - and continued so in muted form for the next few days. We read, wrote, and did jobs in the house. Friday 13 was the first decent day, and Saturday the first time I got into the garden. The patio is much more pleasant and much easier to keep clean since we had it re-tiled, and since I cut the trees back.

The broadband connection has setlled down now - though I still have to wait for a connection to be made via next door before I switch to our own supply.

Two sad tree losses to report. A palm tree in the middle of the garden has been infected with some bug and lost all its fronds. And complaints about lack of parking space from the houses opposite Salus has led to the cutting down of some of the orange trees to make more room. Not a good solution to the problem say I (to Giovanni).


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