Friday, December 07, 2007

December 2007

A strange week of mixed fortunes. We flew in on Sunday night (December 2) to find the restaurant in Pueblo Lopez closed until February. Then the next day, after cleaning the house, within twenty-four hours, both computers had collapsed. Mine updated Windows and needed a startup disk to re-boot, and Heather's lost its Internet capability. Faced with the worries about marking OU scripts, and some problems with our new Moodle courses at Xaverian College, I was on the point of going back home. Fortunately, we were bailed out by Eric lending us his snazzy new wide-screen laptop, and the Swedish boys at Daytona got our systems working again in a couple of days.

But the weather has been stunning - especially for this time of year. It's been hot enough to sunbathe every day, with cloudless skies.

The evenings are chilly - as soon as the sun goes down, which is around five or six o'clock. And it happens very rapidly, which one tends to forget.

We brought ourselves up to date in a civic sense by paying all our local taxes vis Saez y Saez, and we enjoyed the new Los Olivos which has crap service but a much cheaper three course menu for 13 Euros - but the same good standards of cuisine.


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