Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Sunshine

It seems really odd to be sunbathing at the end of December - but this week the weather has been glorious. We're lucky - because the autumn in Andalucia has been so bad it's made the newspapers. Low temperatures and lots of rain, which fortunately have filled up the reservoirs.

We've bitten the bullet and cleared all the rubbish out of the house. It reminded us that we've been here for six years now. So all the old curtains and bedding which was left behind by the previous owner has gone down to CUDECA, as have wheely bags and all the crap that people seem to leave behind here when they come to stay.

We've bought a beautiful new multi-textured spread for my bed, and re-arranged the furniture slightly so that everything will be ready when Teresa and John come out with us in January.


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