Friday, November 13, 2009

November in Andalucia

November - maximum afternoon temperatures average around the low twenties, but when you put the thermometer directly in the sun 40 degrees is possible.

2009 - I have just had two weeks of continuous sunshine, with only a breezy weekend to disrupt the ambiance.

November is the time for tree pruning. The gardeners cut growth back so that the trees and bushes don't get out of hand. Experts are brought in to do the palm trees. See November Haircut 2006.

I have just this year cut back the two trees on the terrace, which can provide an extra hour or more of sun.

It starts going dark around six o'clock.

Fresh artichokes are available and cheap.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

October in Andalucia - what happens

October is the month of the Feria - which means families dressed up in very attractive traditional costumes. Males in the short-jacketed grey suits of a caballero, with flat, broad-brimmed hats, females in brightly coloured flamenco dresses.

The common wisdom is that it rains for the feria - but in 2009 I was here for two weeks in temperatures not much less than the August highs. [But there had been rain in late September.]

The nights begin around 7.30 pm - but there is no need for any extra heating.

Asparagus is only available in the 'wild grass' variety - which is best avoided.