Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter 2010

After an unusually severe winter here in Andalucia (and buckets of rain) Easter brought a return of its more famous sunshine, and we arrived just in time to take advantage of it. Heather located handyman Barry, and he fixed some of the annoying practical issue which have been hanging over for some time now. A new floor in my window casing - tiled in traditional dark green after some searching; the hole in our bathroom fixed, and some new wiring in my bedroom and the hallway.

I also took delivery of my new computer set-up from the Daytona boys, and the installation of our new broadband supplier went mercifully without a hitch.

Eric and Gerry gave us two of their Indian-style carpets from upsatairs, and these have enhanced both Heather's bedroom and the conservatory.

It was good in the Puebla to note that new palm trees have been planted in the garden to replace those destroyed by the beetle which has caused so much damage along the coast in the last year or so, and I was inspired to buy some plant pots to replace those which disappeared from the patio wall some years ago.

However, there is sad news to relate. Heather discovered that her favourite mascot in the Puebla - the Blue Cat - has gone to the Big Kitten Basket in the sky. Fortunately, she has him immortalised as a screen saver on her PC.


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